Rare Earth Materials
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Green Resource Co., Ltd.
Total Solution of New Materials
 Green Resource is trying to support customer of electronic materials and industrial material in fast time with competitive price, which is total solution from customer’s position. The Headquarter is based on the best network and manufacturing technology, try to supply the global market of good materials with constantly effort, strict quality control, fast delivery , which have already set up a great reputation among existing customers. In order to catch up rapid technological change and recent industry, Master, Dr. Researcher of our R & D center are striving to continue the innovative and efficient development of materials.
Research Area (Laboratory in Korea Institute for Rare Metal & KPU University)
  • - Purification of rare earth materials
  • - Nano powder
  • - Ceramic sintering powder
  • - Electronic materials
  • - Coating power
  • - 3D Printing powder
  • - Thin film deposition materials
  • - Functional paste
  • - Magnet
Coating Service ( Thermal & Plasma Spray, Physical Vapor Deposition)
  • - Coating Method
    *Evaporation *Sputtering *Thermal Spray(HVOF) *Plasma Spray(APS) *Arc Spray
  • - Various Ceramic & Metal (Layer on Layer)
  • - Consulting of Coating technology & Mass Production Serviece
  • - Coating Service with various thickness(nm~ μm)

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